Monster Portraits & Monster Paths

After receiving a request, two more measurement activities have been added to the Monster Measurement Madness pack.  

First up is a set of Monster Portraits.  There are twelve monster cards.  Each monster's portrait gives a length and a width (obviously not drawn to size).  Students must calculate the perimeter, or distance around the entire portrait and record the measurement.  Here's an up-close look at monster portrait #6:

Also added to the pack are a set of Monster Paths: 

There are 6 cards included, with 2 monster paths on each card.  Students must first measure and record the length of each monster's path.  Then students compare to determine which path is longer.  Finally, students must calculate the difference between the two paths.

If you already own my Monster Measurement Madness pack, head into your purchases and download the revisions at no cost.  To learn more about this pack and the rest of the measurement activities included, click here:

Happy Measuring!

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