Snack Time {Pros and Cons}

In all my years of teaching, I don't think I have ever done things the same way twice.  This includes the decision about having a dedicated snack time or going without.  I can't speak for the masses, so today I'm here to share the pros and the cons of having snack time in my classroom.

Before you make your decision, there are a few things you need to check out:
What is your district or building policy about snacks or food in the classroom?
Do any of your students have allergies?

If you have researched these two things and still have the green light for snack time, here are some great reasons to include snack into your daily routine:

Snack time can be short and the kids need the quick break.

It's a great time to observe the social behaviors of your students.

Many students are rushed during lunch time and don't finish their meal.

Food can fuel the brain.

It's hard to learn when your tummy is grumbling and you know a handful of your students didn't eat breakfast!

On the flip side, here are some of the reasons I have skipped snack time in the past: 

Individual Snacks
Kids forget or their family cannot afford to send in snack!

Kids start eating their lunch early and then get hungry late in the school day.

Kids bring candy (and it's usually the kids who don't need the extra sugar).

Whole Class Snacks
Families don't send in snack once a month so the same 5 families end up sending in snack more frequently, which isn't fair.

Kids are picky eaters and some snack goes to waste.

No matter how many times you explain how to check the labels for safety, you end up with snacks you cannot serve because of allergies to peanuts or dairy.

Little Critters
Kids are messy and crumbs that aren't cleaned up properly can invite ants into the room.  There is nothing worse than being on the custodian's naughty list!

What are your thoughts on snack in the classroom?
Happy Teaching!

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