Creative Ways to Say Thank You {Pinterest Style}

Not only is Teacher Appreciation Week quickly approaching, but so is the end of the school year.  That can mean only one thing.....time to thank those who have worked with your child all year long. This includes teachers, school staff, volunteers, and more!

  As a teacher, I have always appreciated a hand-written thank you note the most.  My daughter and I will both be writing notes to her teachers this year, but we also want to give a small gift of appreciation for all they have done this year.  I've been scouring Pinterest to find a creative way to say thank you and thought I would share some of my favorite ideas here.

 If you know the teacher's favorite color, why not brighten their day with a few fun surprises?  Just place all of the items in a matching basket or gift bag, and voila - colorful fun!

Here's what you can do with yellow:

Here's a way to incorporate teal:

I have seen these done with almost every color of the rainbow and most of these ideas come with printable tags to save you time!

We know that everyone has to eat and drink sometime, right?  Consider researching the teacher's favorite drink, sweet tooth indulgence, or food.  Just make sure you are aware of any pesky allergies!

Perhaps you aren't sure about food likes and dislikes.  Maybe you should consider a more useful and practical gift.  Anyone who works with kids is constantly washing their hands.  Here's a cute tag to attach to hand soap:
(source: Eighteen 25)

Teachers are spending oodles of money from their own pockets on school supplies.  You might consider providing some of those supplies as a gift:

If your teacher loves flowers and gardening, then a gift that grows is a great choice.  I love the personal touches on these two planters:
 (sources: Snippets of Creations and Real Housewives Clip Coupons)

Or you could give a gardening kit with some seeds to plant:
(sources: The Neighborhood Moms and Skip to My Lou/U-Create Crafts)

If you're feeling crafty, here's a handmade gift your child can help with:
(source: Caramel Potatoes)

Handmade gifts can also include a drawing or piece of artwork your child has made.  That might include a drawing, a painting, or a paper collage.  Just let your child be the guide!

Whole class gifts take more time and planning, but they are certainly worth it!  Photo gifts are definitely treasures that will be remembered long after the students have grown:
(sources: Tutus & Turtles and Angela Maiers)

Another way to capture the littles for years to come is with their tiny fingerprints:
(sources: Paging Fun Mums and Pink Please)

Another option that would be great is to combine thank you notes from all of the students to create one beautiful flower:

I hope one of these ideas will work for you.  Whatever you decide, remember this:

You can find these ideas and more on my Pinterest board:

What are some of your favorite ways to thank others?
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Alexandria Jackson said...

These are some really cute ideas! I am sure teachers would appreciate some of these! Thanks for sharing!

Wild Child said...

These are adorable...REALLY adorable! Pinned and shared!

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