How-To Build a Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman?
No, this isn't a post about the movie Frozen. Instead, I'm back to share a little more about how-to writing in my classroom.

I live in Washington, a state that sees all four seasons.  However, it seems like we spend a greater portion of our year in spring and fall weather (aka the rainy season).  So when it snows, it's all the kids can think about.  I try to capitalize on that with writing assignments with snow as our topic.  A fun project is How-To Build a Snowman!

I've shared a little about this project before.  I tried things just a little bit differently the second time and it worked out well for us.  First, the students drew a sketch of their snowman.  Next, they labeled all of the parts of their snowman.  Then, they drew and wrote the steps needed to build a snowman.  Here's a little peek at what that looked like:

This usually takes my students two writing blocks to complete.  By day three we are ready to start the first drafts.  Days 4 and 5 are filled with editing and final copies.  I have used this writing project with several of my classes.  Each year I like to make little changes to keep things fresh and new.  Here are some of the different ways we have presented our final copies in the past:

If you're interested in grabbing some how-to resources or reading more about how-to writing in my classroom, you should read this post.

Happy Teaching!

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