Fortunately, Unfortunately Stories

Several weeks ago I shared with you about an entertaining poem I write with my students (click here to read).  Now I'm back to share a second form of writing I have done with my second and third grade students: Fortunately, Unfortunately stories.

Many moons ago when I was a little girl, my teacher read me the book, Fortunately by Remy Charlip and I wrote my own Fortunately, Unfortunately story.  

I knew I had to get my hands on this book.  Unfortunately, it's kind of hard to find.  Fortunately, our school library had a copy I could borrow.  I read it to my students and we discussed all of the elements the author used.  It also helped that we had previously worked on cause and effect, too.

For the next two weeks my students worked on these stories during Daily 5 and either myself or a volunteer would conference with them during our writing block.  Finally the stories were finished.  I typed them up in Word and then created little booklets where each idea had it's own page.
(Please forgive my use of Comic Sans - this story was typed in 2010)

The books were printed and the students started illustrating.  Once completed, the students picked their cover (fancy-schmancy cardstock), the books were assembled, and ready to share.  

I know that Fortunately by Remy Charlip is not easily found.  There is good news.  I was recently introduced to this book, which follows a similar pattern: Fortunately, Unfortunately by Michael Foreman.

I hope you'll try writing these stories with your own students.
Happy Teaching!

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Kristin Krem said...

Great idea. Thanks for sharing.

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