Five for Friday

It seems like it took FOREVER for Friday to get here, but now that it's here, my son decided to celebrate by waking up an hour earlier than normal.  Ugh!  I guess I'll celebrate with another peek at five random things from my week.
October lends itself to studying the mystery genre so Cam and I are slowly becoming friends.  I managed to get book packs written for three books this week.

My daughter has been battling a fever and sore throat and had to miss a day of school this week.  She was disappointed.  Luckily her new Highlights magazine arrived in the mail with a brand new game to play!

When my daughter returned to school, she was greeted with this note from a friend at school who noticed she had been absent and missed her.  It melted my little heart!

I snuck in a little preview on my FB page about a project I've been working on for The Little books by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.  Thanks to a friend for testing out some of the writing pages with her kids, I was able to pair up the writing pieces with the crafts and now I can put the finishing touches on the pack and share it soon.

This one had me giggling.  Leave it to Junie B. to speak the truth about teachers.

I hope you have a great weekend!


Images Animated Gifs Free HTML said...

Have a Great Weekend!

Tidy Teacher said...

Your Book Packs look great and I love those cute peas! Have a great weekend.

Liveloveserveteach said...

Your Cam Jansen packs look great. My daughter is just starting to read those. We also love Junie B. It's great when I hear my daughter laughing out loud while reading Junie B. books. My son had a fever and sore throat last week. No fun! Glad your daughter is feeling better. Can't wait to meet you once I get back to the PNW!

Joya :)

Carla @ Comprehension Connection said...

The Cam Jansen packs look great, Storie! Hoping your daughter is feeling better AND that you don't get it too! That's normally what happens here.

2 Literacy Teachers said...

Oh my goodness...poor kiddo! There is definitely something going around! That note is just about the cutest thing ever!! Have a great weekend!!

ithappenedin3rd said...

That note is too much! So cute!

Teaching Autism said...

Ohh my gosh - your little pea writing craft is THE cutest thing I have EVER seen! It's just adorable :) Hope your little one is feeling much better now!

Teaching Autism

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