Five for Friday

Halloween is definitely on the brain in our house this week.  Here's what's been happening in our little corner of the world:

My daughter originally wanted to be a monster for Halloween, but the costumes were not what she had in mind.  So, we made an attempt at painting monster pumpkins this year.  She found the perfect one-eyed pink monster online and wanted to copy it. When she realized she painted her eye super big, she asked me to help her with the mouth so it would still look like the picture. Didn't her monster turn out cute?

My husband took a night off from working on our new house to carve some pumpkins with these two munchkins.  My daughter had a very specific request for her pumpkin this year (circle eyes, an M-shaped nose, and a smile with teeth).  Her brother got a Mickey pumpkin to match his costume.  He was also given some Teddy Grahams to keep him busy so pumpkin seeds & guts wouldn't end up all over the house! 

On Thursday, it was costume day at preschool.  Here's my little Minnie:

I love reading.  My favorite genre is what I like to refer to as tragic fiction.  Needless to say the books I read can get a little heavy at times.  A friend knew I needed a break and recommended this little trio of light reading:
Let's just say they are quick little reads and it feels like watching a very staged reality show!

Even though we haven't really celebrated Halloween yet, I started looking ahead to November.  My goal was to finish this book pack by November 1st and I managed to get it done a few days early.  I've never written a book pack for Ready, Freddy before, but he is definitely a character 1st and 2nd graders can relate to and I can't wait to tackle another of the books in the series soon.

If you're interested, you can find this pack here.

I hope you have a safe Halloween and an even better weekend!

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Teaching Autism said...

Love your pumpkins! The Mickey one is amazing! Wow!

Teaching Autism

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