Monday Made-It (6.29.15)

Dear Scrapbooking,
Oh, how I've missed you.
From, Me
Since my baby boy just turned one, it was time to start working on his milestones book.  I got the idea on Pinterest years ago when I was working on my daughter's book.  Each month I would go into a Word document and type in important information and milestones reached during the previous weeks.  At the end of the year I have 12 pages of snapshots of what each of my children were doing each month.  Here's an up-close pic of one of the pages.

I have to say I am SO, SO thankful I completed these for both of my children.  It was definitely interesting to compare and contrast them along the way.

Here's what the first page looks like when you open the scrapbook.  I took this photo before I added the title, "Milestones".

I also started baby steps towards an even bigger scrapbook (an A to Z scrapbook).  In the photo above, you can see the title page I made for my son on the left.  It's very similar to the one I made for my daughter 3 years ago (hers is still in the scrapbook sleeve which is why it looks faded).

Not only did I make the title page, but I also organized all of the photos I will need.  It was super easy to organize all of the folders, but you can only imagine how much time it took to go through one year's worth of photos, copying, and pasting them into the correct folders.  In case you're curious, here are the categories I've come up with so far.  You can also see which photos I need to dig up or take:  

I have also been busy adding a new section to my TpT store for Cam Jansen books.  Here's a look at one of the previews I made.  I now have 4 Cam Jansen packs made with a large stack still waiting to be read & created.

That's what I've been making.  What about you?  Head over to 4th Grade Frolics to check out some amazing creations:


All Things Special Ed.- Tales From a Resource Room said...

Oh my gosh! I love your baby milestone books- I wish I would have wrote down notes on my little guys, but having twins you just have to learn how to survive those first few months! How adorable and so crafty! Your kids will love looking back at those someday! Lisa

Amanda said...

I love the milestone books. A "premade" book with space for mom and dad to fill in milestones would be a great shower gift! I'd love to receive something crafty like that and just have to add my information. I think it would make me more likely to do it. Thanks for sharing!

A Very Curious Class

Jamie Knefely said...

I love to scrapbook too! Sometimes it is so hard to fit it all in. Your milestone book is so cute. You will be so glad you did that one day. I need to work on my photo/scrapbooking too.

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