Sunday Scoop (5.17.15)

Have To:
No big surprises here except maybe the cleaning :)

Hope To:
My hubby went through the deep freezer for me to see what kind of meat we have hiding in there.  We have a lot of steaks, but our grill hasn't been working.  I've been looking for new recipes to try that don't involve the grill.  I tried broiling steaks and they tasted good.  Now I've found two more to try: one in the oven and one in the crockpot.  I'm kind of excited to see how they turn out.

On another note, we get a little break before the next round of swim lessons starts.  I'm hoping the spring weather shows up so we can hit the pavement with the stroller!

Happy To:
I'm one of those people that gets great satisfaction in crossing things off my list.  Well, thanks to some super productive evenings, I have managed to complete four new book packs and a makeover to a really old book pack.  Here's what I've been busy working on:


What are you up to this week?  Head over to the Teaching Trio to learn more!

1 comment:

Myranda said...

I love the covers on your products! Way cute!

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