The Data Collectors

I hope you enjoyed the winter resources & freebies from my last post.  I'm still working on the second half of that one and I hope to have it posted later this week.  In the meantime, I wanted to share my newest graphing pack:

This pack is HUGE!

I included some Common Core Posters for those of you who have to post the standards you're working on: 

Here are more visuals.  Thank you Ashley Hughes for creating such a bright set of graphs!  There are two sets of each poster (one with a description at the top and one without).  The posters include tally chart, vertical bar graph, horizontal bar graph, pictograph, data table, chart, line graph, line plot, circle graph, and pie chart.  Some of the visuals are the same (data table/chart, circle graph/pie chart) so you can pick the wording you prefer. 

I included 30 survey cards.  These are great for when you want students to practice conducting a survey.  I included four different graphing & data collection sheets for students to present their findings.  One last thing is another poster that reminds students on the steps they can follow when conducting a survey. 

Next is one of my favorites: Spin, Tally, & Graph.  I love these because I can put them in sheet protectors to be re-used over and over.  I can also use them as worksheets with small groups OR in a math center. You can get different results each time they are used, too!

Another fun section for students is Count, Tally, & Graph.  This one already has the data ready to go on a bright colorful page that you can place at the math center OR project onto the screen in a whole group setting.  Students will collect and graph the data and then answer questions about the results.

We know games and centers are fun and learning is taking place, but sometimes you need a little something extra.  I added 14 worksheets.  Students read and interpret graphs OR take the data given and create a graph for the information.  There are worksheets for bar graphs, pictographs, line graphs, line plots, and circle graphs. 

The last section I added was intended for small group practice, but could easily be used in a math center or daily warm-up.  There are 16 graphs (4 to a page).  There is also a recording sheet where students must identify the graph type and interpret the information given.

This pack will be on sale for the first few days.  Grab it while you can still get a great deal.  

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