Thirteen in '13

It's time to join up with Miss Kindergarten, A Teeny Tiny Teacher and Dragonflies in First for their Thirteen in '13 Linky Party!

I'm at my best when I'm comfy and cozy.  Therefore jeans and a hoodie would have to be my favorite!

Since we canceled our Netflix account, I've only watched TV movies.  I just finished reading The Book Thief and I heard the movie is out in theaters.  Anyone see it? 


How I Met Your Mother has been my favorite since episode 1.  I can't believe we're in the home stretch now.  Luckily Modern Family is still on and keeps me entertained each week.  I love that both are in syndication so I can watch re-runs on weekends and school breaks.

My favorite local restaurant is Silver City Brewery.  My favorite national chain is Red Robin (Yum).

I'm a little late to the party, but I have arrived.  This year I bought my first two pairs of TOMS and started wearing tall boots. 

I am blessed with a wonderful family and fantastic friends.  I could never choose which gift was my favorite.

I have loved everything I've pinned to my Future Craft Room board.  This has been a vision years in the making and I'm so excited to start making it a reality.  We will be building a new house next year and I get my own craft room/office.  It's gotten to the point where I've had very vivid dreams of what the room will look like.  Last night's dream had the room painted a medium to deep gray on the walls.  There were white built-ins on the walls.  There were light gray and yellow accents everywhere.  I think it was in honor of my alma mater since I haven't thought of decorating with yellow at all.

I have two...Pencil Sharpener & Laminator Love

I reached brand new milestones this year in my Teachers Pay Teachers adventure.  I have set small goals and each time I meet one of those goals, I aim just a bit higher.  I had one goal in mind to reach by the end of 2013.  I am super close, but I know that if I don't reach it in the next couple of days I'll reach it soon in 2014.

We bought land this year & as I mentioned earlier, will be building this coming year.  It has incredible mountain views and I cannot wait!

My little Cinderella.

I've said it before and I will say it again until I feel like I have it.  I need more balance.  Life can pull me in so many different directions.  I feel obligated to give and give and give until I realize I don't really have anything left to give.  Instead, I'm taking away from something else that is a bigger priority.  I'm a work in progress.



Miss Foote said...

You stole my answer for number one...must be a Pacific Northwest thing! Beautiful picture of the mountain.
Chickadee Jubilee

Sandy Welch said...

Your property is amazing! I'm about 5 years from retiring and we're beginning our search. We live right outside a national park but we're headed somewhere else!! Silly, huh? I'm with you on comfy and cozy-jeans and a sweatshirt are perfect!

Mrs. Leeby said...

Loving the view of where you'll be building! Congrats on reaching your TPT goals!
Happy New Year!
Learning With Mrs. Leeby

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