Ho-Ho-Holiday Gifts & a Christmas Freebie

I originally posted about our holiday gifts last year (see post here).  I've come to the conclusion that we're making them again, as long as I can get the same ornaments. 

These were SUPER easy to make and are definitely cute (in my opinion).  They are clear glass ornaments that I found at a craft store.  They are not round like a sphere, but have more of a flat surface.  The tops came off and a parent helped stuff them with cotton batting (cotton balls would probably work, too).  Then the kids used black and orange sharpie markers to make a snowman face.

  If not, it's back to the {Pinterest} drawing board for a new idea.

And now for the freebie.  I've been offering up a new word search for most of the major holidays.  I thought it was time to get one together for Christmas since my kiddos will be working on it next week.  Here's your chance to grab it.  If you choose to download, I'd love to hear your feedback on it.  Thanks!


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Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

I love this idea! I can see this being such a hit with a classroom, but I am even thinking of doing it at home with my daughter for our tree this year :) Thanks so much for linking up! Happy Holidays!!

3rd Grade Thoughts

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