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Andrea is a reading specialist from Virginia.  I was excited to be partnered with her since I am already a follower of her blog and TpT store.  When I first looked around her store, I had a very difficult time deciding between two products: Main Idea and Detail Concentration (her best seller) and her Poppin' Fact and Opinion Game.  When I gave Andrea these two products and told her to choose for me, she generously offered to let me review both.  My students were thrilled to have two new games to add to our rotation of games! 
Main Idea and Detail Concentration
TpT Description: A classic game of concentration with some learning involved. This simple game has main idea and detail cards to match. Simply print them on different colored paper and then cut them out. Students flip over a main idea and then try to find the matching detail.  Simple, yet fun!  Includes an answer key and a graphic organizer for main idea and details!
 After purchasing this game, all you need to do is print and cut out the materials. With this 10-page file you will get a cover page (which can be helpful for storing materials), 6 pages of playing cards (48 cards in all), an answer key, and a graphic organizer for main idea and details.
These pics should give you an idea of what comes inside this file:

To save on colored ink, I went ahead and printed everything in grayscale and it still looks great!  I love that this game is so easy to set up and play.  My kids have played a lot of Concentration/Memory games this school year, so they become second nature with the rules of how to play.
At first this game can seem a bit overwhelming.  There are 48 playing cards (24 main idea cards, 24 detail cards).  However, Andrea does write on the directions page that you can print the main idea cards on one color and the detail cards on another.  This would help kids make sure they were always picking up one of each.  You could also carefully separate the cards into two games so the kids are playing with half the cards.
I went ahead and put them all in so you could see everything at once:
We set up the game in a 6 x 8 array.
Player one turned over two cards.
No match - player one turned over two detail cards.

Next, player two went.  This player turned over two cards.  When she compared them, she thought she found a match.

Player one used the answer key to check when there was some confusion.  I love games that are self-checking :)

In the end, the students put their card pairs into a pile.  The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.  This is a great way for students to reinforce the learning taking place during reading instruction.
Andrea also included a graphic organizer in the file.  She suggests that as an extension, your students can choose one of the main idea cards from the game.  Students then think of additional details that match.  Students not only complete the graphic organizer with the ideas, but can then extend that understanding by writing about the topic.

The next game I was so fortunate to receive was: 
Poppin' Fact and Opinion Game
TpT Description: A simple board game where students decide if the statement is a fact or an opinion to move around the board. It includes a game board, fact/opinion cards, "tokens", and sorting headers.
When you first open the file, you will notice it has one page of directions, followed by 4 pages of materials you will need for your students:

I love the game board because of the bright colors!  I printed the materials on cardstock and because all of the cards were lined up so well, I just used the paper cutter.  I was ready in no time at all :)  The only other thing I did was place the game board inside of a sheet protector.  The materials come with some characters you can use as your game pieces.  I just had students use some unifix cubes or buttons in different colors and grabbed one die.
Once students are ready, the first player rolls a die.  He draws one card from the pile.  If the card is a statement, the student reads it aloud and tells whether it is a fact or an opinion.  If he is correct, he moves forward the number of spaces rolled on the die.  If he is incorrect, he stays put. 

There is a little twist to the game.  In the deck of cards there are cards that say, POP!  When a student draws this type of card, he moves backwards the number of spaces rolled on the die.

One last thing I did was have my students place the cards into three piles: facts, opinions, and POP! cards when they finished their game.  That way, I could simply walk by, pick up a pile, and do a quick, informal assessment on their ability to identify facts and opinions.
If your students are working on fact and opinion, this game would be a great addition to your classroom.  Click here to pick up your own copy!
Please visit Andrea's blog.  She will be reviewing something I created - two products, actually. 
Visit Andrea's Blog
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Head on over to Jessica Stanford's site to see all of the other amazing products getting reviewed.  Who knows what you'll find that you simply can't live (or teach) without! 


Bethany Hunter said...

I found your blog through the Product Swap. I'm your newest follower.
Hunter's Tales from Teaching

Andrea said...

Thank you for the fun review! I am glad your students enjoy them!

Reading Toward the Stars

Kate Wright said...

Both games look super fun. I'm going to forward a link to my ELA team because I think they would LOVE them. I found your blog through the "Magical Product Swap" and have loved perusing your many great blog posts!

Your newest follower,


Heidi Harrell said...

You did such a great review of this, I have to go put it in my SUPER full cart! What a beautiful blog! Love the name!

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