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I am bummed that I missed the last one, but happy to join in again this month.  It's never too late to join in with Farley for her monthly Currently series :)

Today was all about the little one.  I took a personal day so we could spend the day as a family doing the things my little girl loves most of all.  We took her to an indoor play center.  She was able to run, jump, climb, and play with all kinds of toys that we don't have at home.  Her favorite was probably the slide.  She has been on many slides before, but this one was kind of bumpy and she would just giggle all the way down, and race to see how quickly she could climb the stairs to go again.

 My husband's family is coming to our house tomorrow to help celebrate my daughter's birthday.  A couple of weeks ago she spent a day with her cousins and talked about them for days afterwards.  Even though they live in another state, I'm glad it's only a few hours away so they can still see eachother fairly often.

Like - Love - Hate
I like Spark.  It's a product made by Advocare.  It's a sugar-free drink mix jam-packed with vitamins and nutrients.  It gives me a boost of energy without the side-effects of caffeine.  I've never been a coffee girl unless the word mocha or latte was involved.  I just didn't like the headaches I would get after I would give up the drinks.  This drink gives me the same feeling and I think it's less than 50 calories for an 8-oz. drink!

 AdvoCare Spark® Energy Drink

I love scrapbooking! I was really good at keeping up with it until just after my daughter turned one.  Big shocker...I know (wink, wink).  One of my favorite books I have made is the milestone book I made for her first year.  There is a page for each month of her life.  I also typed up little snippets about what she was eating, how much she was sleeping, what she was interested in, etc.  I also made an A to Z book with one page for each letter.  Like reading, I wish I had more time to complete more books for her.  Here are a couple of pages I have made for her books:
This is the T page in her A to Z book.  It says T is for tiny fingers, tiny toes.  These are all pictures I took of her in the first four months of her life.  I just cropped the photos and edited them to be black and white.  I absolutely love how it turned out!
Here is the cover page I made for her milestone book.  I saw an idea on Pinterest where another scrapbooker used leftover scraps of paper to create a design like this one and knew I had to try it out, too. 

Here is one of her milestone pages.  Forgive the odd white rectangle on the left. That is where I recorded everything I wanted to remember about her 5th month & didn't think you all needed to see/read all of those details so I just covered it.  Every page in the book had this same format (month, milestone data typed up, photo/photos of her during that month).

Finally, I H-A-T-E spiders.  I will not even dignify this hatred with an image for fear I will scare myself and give myself nightmares for days to come.  We just had a rainforest assembly at my school.  The presenters had a tarantula present.  While I found it interesting how they use their hairs as a defense-mechanism, I did not need to see said tarantula in person.  Enough said...moving on!


Cheryl said...

I missed the Feb. currently too...glad we both got in on the March one!!

I LOVE Spark too!! I heard they're coming out with some new flavors...can't wait!!! :D

Spotted Around the School

Carol Davis said...

I am so excited to find a Survivor fan! Oh my, I have never missed an episode and except the getting dirty part I would love to be ON the show! I wish very much that scrap booking was available when my kids were small. I did paper scrapbooks, but the digital ones, like yours, are so spectacular. Happy to meet you and visit my blog when you have time!

Megan @ I Teach. What's Your Super Power? said...

I would love more time to read, too!

I Teach. What's Your Super Power?

Andrea said...

Love those scrapbooks! I just gave up after having kids. I have tried the digital scrapbooking, so I don't have to get everything out, but again, it takes time!

Enjoy the birthday celebration!

Reading Toward the Stars

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