Some Sneaky, Peeky Spying

 I have been trying to work on my classroom with my {almost} 18-month old in tow on several occasions.  It is taking me twice as long to get things accomplished.  I am very thankful when my husband is able to watch her while I sneak off to school to try to tackle my to-do list. 

I moved into a new classroom.  Let's just say it isn't in the same condition as my old classroom.  The walls have a lot of areas where the paint has been chipped off and the carpet is less than desirable.  I am working on some strategic furniture placement and decorating ideas to cover it all up. 

On the bright side, my classroom library is coming along...slowly, but surely :)  My cupboards have been wiped clean and some of my materials are being organized and stored away.  I managed to cover up two of my bulletin boards with paper and borders.  I have a ton of things ready to be laminated.  After that is finished I'll be able to get things up on the walls and start taking pictures. 

In other news, I did it...I survived my first TpT Back to School sale!  Thank you to everyone who spent time shopping the deals in my store.  While I was reading your blogs tonight, I saw this linky party:

I don't know about you, but I like to hear about great products that I may not be aware of.  This seems like a good way to see what everyone else picked up during the big sale.  So, here are just a few of the items I picked up during the sale (click on the images to be taken directly to the product).

Cloudy with a Chance
Cloudy with a Chance: A Weather Unit by Hope King

We use the FOSS Science Kits at my school.  One of the second grade kits is Air & Weather.  It's also one of my favorite units to teach.  When I saw this product, I just had to grab it.  There are 10 lessons that will tie in perfectly with the FOSS kit. 

Sweetheart Snatcher Valentines Day activities
The Sweetheart Snatcher by Abby Mullins (Babbling Abby)

I picked this one to support teaching inferences and predictions.  This unit was created to be used around Valentine's Day, but I figured that if I end up teaching inferences earlier in the year, I can always modify the activities and lessons to suit the time of year. 

Graphs Galore      
Graphs Galore & Genres Bundle
by Michelle Harper

I am always on the lookout for quality graphing activities and worksheets.  Michelle has included practice with 5 different types of graphs.  Each graph has a worksheet with questions students must answer using the data provided.  The genres bundle I picked up because I want to put more focus onto the features of various genres.  There are a lot of great ideas to use with fables and fairy tales in this packet.  I also think her idea of using a Facebook template with the biography genre is very creative!

So tell me, what did you pick up in the TpT sale?  What must-have items should I know about for second grade?

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