Tell Me More Tuesday & Giveaway Info

It's never too late to join the party, right? 

Amy over at Step Into Second Grade with Mrs. Lemons is hosting a linky party.  The goal is to get to know your fellow bloggers.  Let's hope you all learn something new about me along the way :)

1.  I have lived in Washington all my life, with the exception of the college years.  I went out of state to college at the University of Idaho where I met my husband (who is also not from Idaho).

2.  I have actually known more than one person named Storie (though they usually spell it Story).  My most recent encounter was when my daughter was born.  The nurses kept telling me that there was a gal named Story who worked at the hospital.  They even made arrangements for me to meet her. 

3.  We have two adorable Jack Russell Terriers.  They can be very active dogs, but our dogs play hard and sleep harder :)  This is a good thing because they are 2 years old and we have a 1 year old in the house, too! 

4.  I love watching Reality TV.  My husband just loves to poke fun at me for it because he doesn't get it. 

5.  I have never had my ears pierced and I don't think I ever will.  It was something I kind of wanted when I was younger, but now I don't really care.  I have also never dyed my hair.  I had super blond hair when I was younger, but now it has darkened up a bit.  One of these days I will give it a try.

6.  My favorite genre is something I like to call tragic fiction.  However, it doesn't mean that characters have to die.  My favorite author is Jodi Picoult.  If you know her books, I think you'll understand my genre. 

7.  I love amusement park rides.  I will go on any roller coaster or scary ride.  I prefer to have a riding partner, but I have been known to go on rides by myself if no one else wants to try it.  For my 30th birthday, my husband surprised me with a chance to go parasailing.  It was fun, but not as much of a thrill as I was hoping for.

8.  I play on a women's recreational soccer team.  It is one of the only sports I never played when I was little.  Years ago a friend talked me into joining her team.  It sounded like a fun way to get some exercise and I have been playing ever since. 

9.  I hate spiders and bees with a passion.  They scare the living daylights out of me.  However, if there is one in the classroom, I am cool as a cucumber on the outside and make a big deal about how it's just a little, harmless spider.  It doesn't make sense....I know!   

10.  If you're still with me, I'll give you a chance to win a FREEBIE.  My husband has rooted for this team for most of his life.  I am a converted fan now, too.  Name the team that goes with this logo for a chance to win something from my TpT store.  You must be a follower & leave an e-mail address (or some other way to contact you).  You have until Thursday to enter!

Do you know Sara over at Miss V's Busy Bees?   She is celebrating 200+ followers with a giveaway.  Stop by to enter for a chance to win many great prizes!


Heather said...

What a small world..... I was just reading your blog update for Tell Me More, and I was so surprised when I scrolled down and saw the U of I Vandals' logo! I am a Vandal, too! Go Vandals!!

I enjoy following your blog and learning more about you!

Is the answer to item #10, the Minnesota Twins?

Take care!
Heather Mitchell

Patty Rutenbar said...

I had to ask my husband, but I think it is the Minnesota twins. The C stands for cities....thus Twin Cities. I loved reading about you.

Second In Line

catherine said...

Too late for #10, the Minnesota Twins. My husband and I play a game where he says the names of cities and I have to guess the team. I can do both baseball and football now. That's the baseball team. I've finally learned the symbols as well. He's easily impressed. :)

I with you on #7. The higher and faster a coaster can go is all the better to me.

EEK #9. I feel and do that too. Spiders, blah.

Kinder Cuties

The Queen Bee said...

I was hoping you'd tell us the Storie story...
Minnesota Twins, gotta love 'em, I am a Braves fan however!

Patty Rutenbar said...

Oops forgot to leave my email address.

Second In Line

Tamera said...

Just found your blog & I am your newest follower!
I also LOVE Reality TV - a little too much - watched it while on vacation when my favorites were on.

Wish I could say I never dyed my hair. The grey hairs are too much for me to handle.

I am having a Give Away - Stop by & Enter to Win.


Primary Paradise said...

So excited to see my blog name in your blog list. Stop by if you get a chance, I linked up too. I'm a new follower of yours. Would that logo be the Minnesota Twins?
Primary Paradise

catherine said...

What a very sweet thing to do. I had just walked out of the jury room for break after intense examinations and I peek at my email and saw yours. I just wanted to say YOU MADE MY DAY. :)

I emailed you back.

Kinder Cuties

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