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I recently spoke with a friend about the possibilities of trying a math workshop approach in the classroom.  My district uses Everyday Math.  While I love the idea of really reaching my math students at their instructional levels, I can't wrap my brain around exactly how this would all tie together with Everyday Math.

Tonight I was looking around at other blogs and I stopped over at Primary Inspired.  She mentioned that several bloggers were getting together to do a book study on Guided Math.  This seems like a great (and safe) place to dive in, gather more information, ask questions, and try to put all the pieces together.  They are starting chapter one on June 11th. I have time to get my hands on a copy of the book (and read a chapter) before June 11th?

Are you using a Math Workshop or Guided Math approach?  If you are using Everyday Math with a Math Workshop/Guided Math approach, I am most curious to know how/when you have your students completing math boxes. 

If you do not use Everyday Math, I would still love to hear your thoughts and ideas for making this run smoothly and effectively.

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Lisa R. said...

That's a great idea!! I would love to try to be a part of that book study.

Learning Is Something to Treasure

Lauren said...

Oh Lord... I use Everyday Math and let me tell you, my school HATES it. I would love to read about a math workshop. I will seriously consider joining in on this. Hopefully I can get all caught up on grad school, get the book and read the first chapter before then!!

Lauren C

Storie said...

The more, the merrier :)

Besides, if a lot of people join that just means more conversations, questions that can be answered, and ideas to try.

Storie said...

If you can manage it, you should definitely try to join the conversations. I would love to hear from more people who are using Everyday Math because I'm trying to wrap my head around how to tie all the pieces in along with small groups.

April Kreitzer Wolfe said...

Hi~~ I am your newest follower~


klcsecond said...

I use Everyday Math, but I do guided math also. We focus on the skill for the day, then we get into our groups. One group is on the interactive whiteboard. Another group is with me working on a review skill they have not quite managed to catch on to or reinforcing the topic for that day. Another group is reviewing: clocks, basic facts, playing Farkle, playing WAR ( each student grabs a card. The first student to add them up correctly gets both cards), Addition Top-It, etc. The last group is doing their math boxes. They sit as a group but work by themselves unless they get stuck. When all the members of the group are finished, they correct the page together and explain the answers to those who do not understand. This is my math as of right now after trying guided math for a year and a half. I am anxious to follow this book study to learn new ideas!

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